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Sentinel-3A arrived at launch site

The operational oceanographic satellite Sentinel-3A arrived safely at the Plesetsk Space Center in Russia on December 1st, 2015. The Sentinel-3 series, comprising two satellites for now, Sentinel-3A and -3B, will carry out a mission entailing oceanography, continental hydrology and surveillance of land vegetation. It will also provide operational continuity with the data from instruments on the Envisat satellite, while also improving both performance and availability.
Sentinel-3A carries four payloads in a very carefully arranged space: an altimeter coupled to a microwave radiometer for surface topography; and two instruments for the independent measurement of surface temperature and ocean color (OLCI). A very-high-resolution multispectral optical instrument, the OLCI is a spectral-radiometer with a large ground swath, a prerequisite for operational oceanography. It will be used to monitor oceans (currents, marine life, etc.), and observe coastal zones.
Built by Thales Alenia Space as prime contractor, Sentinel-3A will be launched in the following weeks by a Rockot launcher. Sentinel-3B will be orbited by Arianespace in 2017, using a Vega launcher.