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Thales Alenia Space, ISAE-SUPAERO and EUROSAE strengthen partnership

Thales Alenia Space signed on October 19th 2015 two new partnership agreements with the ISAE-SUPAERO engineering school.

The first agreement, with ISAE-SUPAERO and EUROSAE, a company that provides high-tech training for engineers and managers, will underpin the deployment in international markets of a range of training programs, including specialized master's degrees, training leading to technical certifications, and short courses in space engineering and observation.
As part of this agreement, engineering students in the specialized master's program will undertake a five-month internship in Thales Alenia Space's plants in Cannes and Toulouse. Today's agreement marks a second significant step forward in the collaboration between ISAE-SUPAERO and the French-Italian joint venture. It follows the signature in September of a partnership concerning the creation of an international small satellite platform academic chair. This position was developed in conjunction with ITA (Instituto Tecnológico de Aeronáutica) in Brazil and ISAE-SUPAERO in France. It is one of the actions implemented by Thales Alenia Space to support the development of Brazil's space program, with the aim of allowing the country to gradually develop its independence in this sector.

The second accord that Thales Alenia Space signed with ISAE-SUPAERO concerns collaboration across a number of different activities  (basic research & technology, doctoral theses, R&D contracts) for research projects applied to the space sector, in particular applying the latest technologies to Earth observation.

"We are delighted to sign these two new agreements with ISAE-SUPAERO," said Hervé Hamy, Vice-President Observation and Sciences at Thales Alenia Space France. "Through the current partnership structure, Thales Alenia Space will benefit from world-class training in our disciplines to support our proposals for export customers, starting with the Earth observation market. The technology agreement clearly shows the commitment of Thales Alenia Space and ISAE-SUPAERO to pooling our advanced research capabilities, and applying the latest technologies to space-based Earth observation."

Photo legend:
From left to right: Hervé Hamy, Vice-President Observation and Sciences at Thales Alenia Space France, Olivier LESBRE, ISAE-SUPAERO General Manager and Frédéric GUIR, EUROSAE SAS CEO.