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Advanced ETCS Level 1 solution facilitates seamless cross-border rail connectivity between Hungary and Austria

Thales Transport successfully upgraded the European Train Control System (ETCS) Level 1 in Hungary from Győr to Hegyeshalom at the border to Austria. The technical solution enables trains to run from Budapest to Vienna without stopping at the border.

The advanced ETCS solution enables to operate the full section of railway line 1 as high-speed line with up to 160 km/h, surpassing former constraints of 120 km/h on selected segments. Passengers and freight traffic will benefit from higher capacity and increased punctuality on this part of the main railway corridor between Budapest and Vienna, which is used by up to 300 trains per day.

Increased driving speeds with maximum safety can be reached thanks to the enhancement of rail drivers' visual capabilities. This technological improvement is achieved through the implementation of multi-section movement authority enabled by the coupling of Lineside Electronic Units (LEU). With the deployed solution, the system gains the capability to extend its predictive reach, granting movement authorities for up to three sections ahead. 

ETCS Level 1 further enhances safety in critical areas, such as level crossings. With approximately one level crossing every 1.5 kilometers, a safe but also efficient solution is crucial when operating at high speeds. Through continuous surveillance of level crossings using the Thales train control system, train drivers can trust that the barriers remain closed whenever trains are passing. In case of any issues with the barrier system, the train driver will receive notification timely beforehand and must reduce speed to maintain safety.

In addition, the system's maintainability has undergone significant enhancements. The capability of managing LEU diagnosis remotely enables the early resolution of issues for seamless operations.

Revitalizing the current ETCS Level 1 solution enables efficient interoperability with existing signalling installations on the line. In a next step, the section from Győr to Budapest will be modernized with these enhanced ETCS Level 1 functionalities.

“Thanks to the good collaboration with the Hungarian state railways MÁV, we could improve rail traffic on an important line connecting Hungary and Austria. We are proud in contributing to the enhanced appeal of Hungary's railways, a crucial step in addressing today's environmental challenges and promoting sustainable mobility.”
György Mikics, Managing Director, Transport, Thales in Hungary
“Congratulation to the whole team. The joint efforts across all disciplines were instrumental in making this possible. This is another important step to prove our enhanced ETCS Level 1 portfolio with the new LEU Management & Diagnosis solution in the field.”
Marcus Vana, Director Engineering, Transport, Thales in Austria