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We answer your questions about our new TransVerse™ Digital Service Platform.

Rail networks generate a vast amount of data. To give an example, a modern railway control centre is designed to handle up to half a million connected devices – everything from point machines to video cameras. 

Insights from this flood of data are like gold dust – valuable, but hard to find. Our customers need tools to help them get the most out of their data, wherever it comes from. And that’s where our TransVerse™ Digital Service Platform (DSP) can help.

What is TransVerse™ DSP?

It’s the name of our new platform designed to help our customers put their data to work. It does this in two ways. 

First, it provides a complete catalogue of digital services – an online marketplace where our customers can browse for and try new software solutions. These include solutions for data analytics, predictive maintenance and logistics. 

Second, the platform provides our customers with a secure place to run their digital services. The platform is cloud-based, secure and accessible via a web-based browser on any device.

What applications can I run on TransVerse™ DSP?

TransVerse™ DSP offers valuable applications for all our main line and urban rail customers – and the number of apps is growing all the time. Here are some of them:

TIRIS™ – analytics-driven predictive maintenance for metro and main line customers. 
NAIA™ – big data insights into passenger journeys.
PULSE™ – health monitoring and asset management for signalling systems.
GreenSpeed™ – market-leading connected driver advisory system (C-DAS) for trains.
Protostellar™ – end-to-end container logistics for the freight industry.
Video analytics – new solutions coming soon for metro and main line customers.
MyProducts – operations and maintenance information for our main line signalling systems.

In addition, signed-in users get a personalised products page (part of their user profile on the marketplace). This is their one-stop shop to get access to all of their applications running on TransVerse DSP. 

How easy is it to try out new apps?

It’s very easy. The platform makes it simple to request more information, as well as set up trials and demonstrations of our new products. Demonstrations provide quick insights into user benefits, with no need for set up or configuration. Trials provide deeper insights, with access to a private environment, unique set up for your own use case and the chance to experiment with your own data.

How do I pay for services?

All the applications available on TransVerse™ are delivered as-a-Service via our secure cloud, so set-up is quick and upfront outlay is minimised. Services are delivered on a per-month or per-year basis, so you can easily add or remove capabilities to match your needs.

Can I integrate third-party apps?

Yes. To promote innovation, TransVerse™ is designed as a partner and SME ecosystem. So as well as Thales’ services and solutions, it is also possible to incorporate solutions from our trusted partners.

What about security and support?

TransVerse™ is secure, industrialised and SLA driven. The platform is Cybersecured by Design. This means that defence against cyberattacks is built-in from the ground up. We actively monitor and maintain platform security around the clock. TransVerse™ is ITIL and ISO 27001 compliant.

TransVerse™ is an industrial solution. It’s built to be resilient – and that’s vital, because our transport customers have hundreds of thousands of passengers relying on them every day. Down time is not an option. 

Robust service provision is a requirement for our customers, which is why TransVerse™ is SLA-driven with 24/7 support available according to contract. Raising a support ticket is easy and our customers know any issues will always be resolved quickly. And because services are delivered via the cloud, there’s no need for site visits – a key consideration in pandemic times. 

Can I deploy TransVerse™ DSP applications on my own servers?

In certain cases you can, although some applications depend on massive data analytics that can only be done in the cloud. But the power of the Transverse™ ecosystem is that there are several different deployment patterns – and this provides our customers with valuable flexibility.

First and foremost, there’s the cloud deployment pattern, where you get the full benefit of the platform including the marketplace and behind the scenes cloud hosting. In addition, there is a data centre deployment pattern for customers who need to run services using their own facilities. Finally, we offer edge deployment options where there is a requirement for services close to physical assets, such as trackside equipment.

What next?

We’re committed to expanding our DSP offer and the coming months will see additional products available via the marketplace. We are also increasing the number of platform features. To find out more, please get in touch – our experts will be happy to discuss your needs.