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WuXi Metro Line 3 Phase 1 enters into revenue service with TST signalling

On October, 28 WuXi Metro Line 3 Phase 1 entered revenue service. The Line 3 covers 28.5 km operational track and 21 stations, including five stations that have the ability to connect with WuXi Metro Line 1, Line 2 and Line 3. 

The line begins in the northwest HuiShan District SuMiao Station and travels to the southeast XinWu District ShuoFang Airport Station. This line links the transportation junctions that include  the airport, train station, and inter-city high-speed train, improving efficiency between the inter-city and inner-city transportation. 

The WuXi Line 3 Phase 1 signalling system contract was signed in June 2018. The project had strong support and guidance from the Metro owners, providing TST the opportunity to work closely with other specialized companies to move the project  forward, while successfully completing all milestones. 

As the signalling system supplier for WuXi Metro Line 3 Phase 1, the TST project team integrated the metro line’s characteristics and customer requirements into the development of new functions and system optimization based on SelTracTM CBTC baseline 6.0. 

Operators now have increased operational flexibility under the condition of ‘safety first’, which improves operational efficiency, including the augmentation of the systems automation level,  providing real-time notification in case of a malfunction. The system can also keep continuous and high efficient operation without the operator’s interference. 

TST looks forward to continuing to contribute to the WuXi rail transit construction, helping facilitate WuXi city development and providing better transportation for WuXi citizens.