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Thales will contribute with its signalling technology to one of the sections of the Mediterranean Corridor

  • The Mediterranean Corridor is a strategic project to build a standard gauge railway axis between the French border and Algeciras as part of one of the nine corridors of the Core Network of the Trans-European Transport Networks (TEN-T).
  • When the work is finished, the section will be integrated into the European Railway Corridor that runs from Spain to Hungary via France, Italy, Slovenia and Croatia, which will mean that passengers and freight will be able to travel in Europe on international gauge.
  • A large part of the project will be carried out on the 155 km section between Castellón de la Plana and L'Ametlla de Mar and on the 13 km long Tortosa-L'Aldea/Amposta branch line.

The contract awarded by Adif Alta Velocidad consists of the renovation of the signalling installations, as well as their adaptation due to the change from Iberian gauge to standard gauge on the Castellón de la Plana- L'Ametlla section and on the branch line linking L'Aldea Amposta with Tortosa. With the completion of this project, the Mediterranean Corridor will take on special relevance as a strategic axis for the promotion of railway transport.

The bulk of the project will be carried out on the 155 km section between Castellón de la Plana and L'Ametlla de Mar, where work will be carried out on the renovation of the interlocking installations and signalling field elements, and the adaptation of the same due to the change of gauge from Iberian (1,668 mm) to standard or international (1,435 mm).

Similar action will be taken on the 13 km long Tortosa-L'Aldea/Amposta branch line.

As required by Adif Alta Velocidad, Thales will install new L905E electronic interlockings on the Castellón-L'Ametlla section and adapt the existing ones with the same type on the Tortosa-L'Aldea/Amposta section. New Thales signalling elements will also be installed in the field, such as TTC track circuits, AzLM/ZP30K axle counters, L700H electro-hydraulic actuators and LED signals.

With an estimated completion period of 22 months, this new project will be implemented in four phases until the commissioning of all installations in standard gauge with renewed interlockings and field elements. After commissioning, the installation of the ERTMS level 1 system, also using Thales technology, will be completed.

"Thales has implemented its technology to different sections of the Mediterranean Corridor in recent years. Being able to contribute to the modernisation of the Castellón-L'Ametlla section is a milestone for us, as we will participate to making a key connection for the transport of goods from Spain to the rest of Europe a reality."- Fernando Ortega, Director of Transport at Thales Spain.

“We are very proud to support one more time the modernisation of the Mediterranean Corridor with Thales advanced technology. This is a new occasion to build an efficient and more sustainable railway network. Thanks to our innovative digital solutions and Thales expertise, the Mediterranean Corridor will be a strategic axis for the railway transport.” – Dr. Yves Joannic, Managing Director of Thales Main Line Signalling.