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1st largest re-signalling project

Every day, the North South Line and East West Line (NSEW) carry two thirds of the Singaporean commuters (Total population of 5,6 Million) on more than 100 km of lines and 58 stations.

The contract was awarded in February 2012, Thales managed to bring in commercial operations on the North South and East West lines (including the Tuas West extension) in less than 6,5 years.

Thales was able to migrate an innovative CBTC system over an operating railway which has been running well over 30 years with a legacy signaling system without any major service disruptions. It is also the first major introduction of a new distributed train surpervision architecture that monitors and manages the operations on both lines and also to transfer trains from one line to another seamlessly.

Commuters traveling on NSEW benefit from a more reliable signalling system and a much shorter waiting time.

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