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Introduction of digital axle counters in Indian railways

Railways are the most important means of transportation in India, with a huge demand for modernisation to improve and increase capacity. Indian Railways have therefore embarked on a modernisation project, exclusively implementing Digital Axle Counter (DAC) for track occupancy detection. To date over 115,000 km of tracks  have been upgraded, representing roughly 20%, of the network, with many more installations to come.

Thales, together with its Indian partner Eldyne introduced the first Digital Axle Counter (DAC) in India in 1998, followed by a first trial in 2001 and a consequent cross approval for both Multi Section and Single Section Axle Counter in 2004.

Since this introduction by Thales, Axle Counters have become the No. 1 Train Detection system in India with an exponential growth rate experienced over the last years.



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