Your challenges

  • Improve attractiveness of public transport 
  • Get better understanding of passenger's needs 
  • Diversify transport services to better meet passenger's mobility while: 

                   - Cutting operating cost of revenue collection's processes
                   - Reducing fraud
                   - Enhancing revenue apportionment accuracy within multi-operator network  


Our solutions

  • Complete range of equipment for vending, validating and controlling travel rights 
  • Back-office systems suited for mono and multi modal transport 
  • Revenue clearing systems to deliver multi-operator interoperability 



From a single metro line or bus operation to a transportation system that stretches across an entire nation, Thales’ fare collection systems are there to meet your needs – no matter how large or small the network.

Thales Group - Fare Collection Management



Thales’ open and scalable architecture allows authorities to migrate smoothly to an interoperable, multimodal, multi-operator fare management solution. New service providers can be included easily at any time, with no need to make major system changes.


Designed for all modes of transport –including buses, trams, subways, commuter & mainline rail as well as car parks and taxis – Thales’ central processing system can be used on networks of any size and provides operators with the flexibility and autonomy they need to implement fare policies, manage passenger incentives and adopt new fare strategies, using open, user-friendly tools.

Watch our video to understand the scope of fare & revenue collection management activity for ground public transport.


What is it? How does it work? Understand the Revenue Collection Management for the transportation domain, from the fare collection to the revenue distribution. Thales' projects include the world's biggest multi-operator networks with a rare expertise in nationwide implementations.