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LockTrac 6151 Intersig L905 E is a modular electronic interlocking system which combines high reliability and cost efficiency.

Connected over standardised interfaces, the system can be configured for obtaining the optimum system configuration to satisfy all customer needs. Various types of indoor and outdoor equipment components can be connected. The integrated Human-Machine Interface (HMI) can be connected locally or remotely. Full-automatic operation is possible.

The LockTrac 6151 Intersig L905 E electronic interlocking offers a modern, economical and compact system for small and medium stations without restrictions of the system functionality. Due to its integrated new diagnosis and station design tools, the system is easy to maintain.

Key Benefits

  • Scalable and maintenance-free hardware
  • Long product lifecycle through future-oriented technology
  • Easy to adapt to customer functionality by generic software kernel
  • Operates with or without transmission system
  • High availability
  • Designed for centralised and local operation
  • Easy to adapt to different HMI systems
  • Compatible with existing trackside equipment
  • Developed according to CENELEC standards SIL 4
  • Electronic Block functionality included in the system
  • Local and remote diagnosis