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Can a digital magic carpet save your holiday?

Introducing the new brain that keeps rail running in a crisis

The timing of the electrical failure at Paris’ busiest train station this summer could hardly have been worse. Hundreds of thousands of holidaymakers saw their annual vacation start chaotically, despite the best attempts of the French railways to reroute journeys to other Parisian train stations.

Could such an impact on passengers be avoided in the future?


That’s one of the possible benefits of a new ‘Mobility Platform’ from Thales that will vastly improve the train passenger experience through a seamless journey, door to door, and via all types of transport linked to rail.



“The Mobility Platform that we have created is opening up a new era for rail service. It is designed to improve the passenger experience through more meaningful and real-time information for rail operators. This will lead to better service today, new passenger offers, and, if there is a crisis, to recover through a ‘Passenger Centric” approach”

Joao Piussa, Product Line Manager for Passenger Mobility

The Mobility Platform acts like a brain to analyse information from all rail activities. It works by turning raw data into accurate real-time information with predictive insights for both passengers and operators through its continuous ‘learning’. Problems can be spotted, resources can be shifted to manage current traffic, and trends can be identified.


The rich ‘data lake’ comes from many types of sensors. They range from train signalling systems that know where trains are at all times, to fare collection systems and video analytics, as well as anonymized location data from passenger mobile devices or data that is publicly-available including school holidays, and events such as football matches and concerts. 


Behind it all is Thales’ recognized worldwide leadership in rail transport signalling systems as well as its expertise in today’s digital technologies. As one example, says Joao Piussa,

“Artificial Intelligence algorithms make predictions from fresh data based on the past experience that has been learned from Data Analytics”.

Connectivity is another example of leading Thales digital leadership that is at the heart of the Mobility Platform. “And, when you vastly increase ‘Connectivity’, you need to assure Cybersecurity, notes Joao Piussa, “That’s why our ‘Cybersecurity by Design’ is there to make sure that all data from both rail operators and passengers is protected.”


So, while not quite Aladdin’s magic carpet, the Mobility Platform from Thales will launch a Connected Journey that will benefit rail operators and passengers through a new world of seamless travel.