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Maximizing revenue through interoperability
Harmonizing train control is the key to foster railway transport system competitiveness in Europe. ETCS implementation will increase railways operators operational performance through enhanced capacity and speed, enabling them to expand their share of freight and passenger business in an expanding market.

ETCS enable to strongly decrease the traffic congestion caused by persistent bottlenecks, missing links, lack of interoperability.

Increasing Safety and Security
Safety is the primary business of Thales. All of our solutions focus on ensuring the safe operation of your railroad.
AlTrac solutions provide full Automatic Train Protection capability based either on the ETCS standards or the, well-proven, LZB system.

Improving Customer Services
By integration of modern interlocking technology with advanced management operation centers, the customer is able to offer attractive services for rolling stock operators (the transportation of goods) as well as for passenger traffic (economically attractive services to a liberalised market). The Thales solutions automatise the daily work of all personnel of the railway companies to continuously improve the overall performance of the system.