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Specifically designed for Light Rail and compatible with any type of rolling stock and multiple track hardware suppliers, Thales’ turnkey signalling solution offers everything you need to optimise the management of light rail networks and provide safe and enjoyable journeys for your customers.



Our solution provides an integrated set of advanced functions aimed at the safe and efficient operation of the LRT network, along with an improvement of the performances of the network itself and its management, resulting in a high quality of service for the passengers, an optimized fleet running and a minimization of the maintenance impact.

The signalling solution proposed by Thales is a comprehensive offer based on state-of-the-art equipment and services for the signalling subsystems (incl. wayside, on-board and OCC), and a wide range of telecommunications and SCADA systems.

Thales solution is based on an open architecture and complies with the applicable standards, enabling a high level of flexibility making easy the configuration of the solution according to the applicable scenario. Particularly in case of refurbishment or extension, where modularity is necessary, the solution can be configured by enabling only the necessary subsystems.


The Thales solution, based on a “drive on sight” train operation principle, provides the following main functionalities:


> Safe handling of Light Rail Vehicles movements in signalling areas (line and depot), including route setting and protection and speed supervision;

> Remote monitoring and performance optimization, including vehicles’ localization and identification, smart timetable and advanced vehicles’ regulation, management of special events or provisional service, statistic and global service quality function, driver management and fleet rostering;

> Intelligent priority management at tram crossing junctions that improves punctuality, enhances traffic flow and optimises shared space between public and private transport.

> Detection system leveraging state-of-the-art axle counter and sensors that provide the vacancy/occupancy status of track sections, ensuring safe LRV presence.


Thanks to our research and technology centers spread around the world, our Tramway & LRT Signalling solution is able to include innovative technologies and features coming from the “Train Autonomy” concept. Obstacle Detection solution and Autonomous Detection System are now available for our customers.


With dedicated teams in 52 countries, we provide innovative digital solutions to transform the journey experience for everyone:

  • Australia - Sydney, Parramatta light rail
  • Brazil - Santos light rail
  • China - Songjaing Tram, Shanghai
  • Italy – Palermo and Padova SIR3 tram
  • Taiwan - Danhai, Ankeng and Kaohsiung light rail
  • UK Croydon Tramlink, Manchester Metrolink

* Contracted or in service