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Thales supports young talents in drone flight competition

Great young talents shape our future! That is why we are gladly supporting an ambitious team of aeronautics and aviation students from the FH Joanneum with a special challenge: the Design/Build/Fly (DBF) contest, organized by the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics (AIAA).

The challenge

Each team needs to design and build an unmanned air vehicle (UAV) to fly a mission. To reflect the current pandemic, a humanitarian mission is to be implemented this year. The UAV has to deliver medical material in order to successfully carry out a vaccination. One particular challenge: The vaccine doses have to be unloaded from the aircraft in an automated manner, without any manual assistance. This means, the UAV has to deliver the delicate cargo on the runway.

The design

The Austrian team "joanneum Aeronautics" has completed the design of their "Hornet" and is now in the fine-tuning phase.

You can follow the progress of the "Hornet" on joanneum Aeronautics' Facebook or LinkedIn channel.

An investment for the future

The use of professional drones will inevitably increase. That's why we support here as Gold Partners, so that the joanneum Aeronautics team can implement their creative ideas and present them at the competition in America.

During test flights, the team had the Thales ScaleFlyt solutions at their disposal, which were already used last year in a successful delivery of blood bags by drone, in cooperation with the Red Cross, FH Joanneum and EHang.

Using Thales ScaleFlyt Remote ID, the team was able to determine parameters such as airspeed, turn speed and approach speed. The digital ScaleFlyt service platform (formerly Soarizon) was also used to plan the flight route in America.

Thales Remote ID in use during test flights


We wish the team all the best and the "Hornet" a good flight!