MTL connect: Digital Week

This international event aims to look across the board at the main questions related to digital development, focusing on its economic, social, cultural and environmental impacts in various sectors of activity. In collaboration with many partners, the Montreal Digital Week will address 5 specific themes related to digital transformations.

Where and When:

May 28: A.I. | O Mile-Ex (6650 St-Urbain street, Montreal)- Christophe Muratet, Director Innovation and Design, Thales North America, is speaking in a panel discussion. The topic is: How can we help AI projects progress from MVP to delivery in organizations? 

May 31: Mobility | Centre for Sustainable Development (50 Sainte-Catherine West street, Montreal)- Yves Perreal, Director of Shift Rail Projects, Thales France, is speaking in a panel discussion. The topic is: Sustainable development, AI, circular economies, and the future of mobility.