Everything You'd Want to Know about Digitalization in Urban Transport

The main theme of this year’s IRSC conference  focused on the innovation and collaboration of railway safety. As railway systems increase in complexity and popularity, the IRSC conference highlighted the need for companies to continue pushing themselves towards finding more sustainable options as well as continuing to optimize and deliver advancements in railway technologies.

The conference was held over the course of 6 days, from Oct. 22nd to Oct. 27th in Hong Kong. The audience gathered a crowd of government officials, university professors, and cybersecurity professionals.

Kees Pouw, Technical Architect & Sr. Information Security Consultant at Thales in Canada, provided some advice and insight into the growing need for urban transport systems to predict and outsmart potential hackers and security threats. Mr. Pouw examined the evolution of threat landscape in urban transport to illustrate why hackers would be motivated to penetrate into connected urban transport systems before detailing present-day solutions developed to defend from tomorrow’s “growing Cyber Threats”.

Mr. Pouw also spoke about the importance of learning from previous mistakes and treating challenges as opportunities in between proposing specific technology solutions required for the Transport community to be prepared for the future. Public safety and operational efficiency featured as key topics in Mr. Pouw’s presentation.

With over 20 years of experience helping organizations from a variety of industries excel in the areas of Cyber Security, Secure Engineering solution design and Technical Vulnerability Assessment, Mr. Pouw was poised to present at this conference, already having established a record of developing and managing Cybersecurity Engineering processes along with security strategic plans which align to critical infrastructure operational goals and objectives.