Thales' Ontario Success Story

The Ontario Investment Office (OIO) is the face of international investment and domestic business growth for the province of Ontario. Their online website has a section for "Success Stories" in which they report on innovative developments in technology that stem from Ontario-based organizations with Ontario-built products and solutions.

At the end of October 2017, OIO published an article highlighting accomplishments Thales Canada has achieved, focusing on its business in building systems for metro lines worldwide. In this article, President and CEO Mark Halinaty shares some thoughts on the ongoing partnership with Ontario and the company's impact on the local supply chain. Mark Shorey, Thales Canada's director of business strategy for Transportation, also provides insight into how Thales is advancing its efficiency by incorporating new technologies and Artificial Intelligence.

Even though we are foreign-owned, we consider ourselves a real Canadian company. This means we are constantly putting funds and resources back into the country, and that's what continues to strengthen our partnership with Ontario.

- Mark Halinaty, President and CEO, Thales Canada Inc.

Read the article online here.