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Canadian governments find partner in Thales to help develop 5G superhighway

At any given moment, someone in our world is always up and connected with other people and those connections rely on Thales.

Today, together with its industry partners, the Government of Canada and the provincial governments of Ontario and Quebec, Thales Canada announced its $25 million (CAD) investment in ENCQOR, a $400 million (CAD) public-private partnership in ultra-high-speed communications infrastructure that will focus on research and innovation. 

ENCQOR brings together governments, small and medium businesses, and academia to link research facilities and laboratories across Eastern Canada to collaborate on 5G technology development and create Canada’s 5G communications superhighway.

Thales pushes the boundaries by connecting people every second, every day, everywhere. With download speeds up to 100 times faster than current 4G technology, 5G and ENCQOR will transform the capabilities of Canadian businesses to compete in the global marketplace. 

ENCQOR will secure more than 4,000 jobs in Canada, including 1,800 specialized 5G jobs, over the next five years. Of these, Thales will secure more than 800 jobs in Quebec and Ontario including approximately 40 specialized jobs in 5G.

Thales will leverage its leading R&D investments to drive 5G technology developments; securely moving data at the fastest speeds to drive the evolution of our world-class urban transportation solutions, secure connectivity capabilities and cloud-based big data analytics. 

In the last three years, Thales has invested over $1.5 billion (CAD) in key digital technologies with the launch of its high-tech Digital Factory in Paris, cortAIx in Montreal and recent acquisitions of technology leaders Vormetric and Guavus. This activity brings together experts who support the injection of big data and artificial intelligence into Thales solutions, while also ensuring data security – a fundamental requirement of the modern digital economy. 

Key Points

  • Thales Canada’s ENCQOR investment of $25MCAD is part of a $400MCAD public-private partnership that will drive 5G technology development in Eastern Canada
  • ENCQOR brings together industry, governments, small and medium businesses and academia to develop 5G technology in Eastern Canada
  • The ENCQOR partnership will transform the capabilities of Canadian businesses to compete in the global marketplace securing more than 4000 Canadian jobs

From a safer commute to smarter cities, ENCQOR reflects Thales’ continued commitment to Canadian innovation in four key domains – connectivity, big data, artificial intelligence and cybersecurity to support the creation of new 5G solutions to make life better and keep us safer.          

 –  Mark Halinaty, President & CEO, Thales Canada