Thales launches a mobile app putting graduates in charge of their own international careers

The Thales e-JET app is the first project of its kind allowing Thales employees, usually with 2 to 5 years of experience, to undertake a job exchange in an equivalent role located anywhere in one of our 56 countries worldwide.

After downloading the e-JET app, employees search for their own exchange partner by scrolling through the available profiles and indicating their areas of interest. Once the app detects a match, it is down to the matched employees to get in touch with each other and to then start talking with the HR teams to make it happen! If all goes to plan, they will soon find themselves living and working somewhere else in the world, and building their career with valuable international experience.

The e-JET app represents an opportunity to try a different job, in a different country, in a different way. In the lead-up to this project Thales worked with various focus groups (HR, managers, and graduate employees) to put together a job-swap model that was relevant to our graduate recruits. With no long-term commitment, or cumbersome processes, e-JET is a unique mobility scheme that delivers on our promise of an international career, and early on when it matters most to employees!  

Empowerment is at the heart of e-JET. This project lets employees raise their hand and show their interest and motivation. Once managers have given their approval, employees drive the entire process - with a helping hand from the HR International Mobility team where required. This means that employees are free to choose the opportunity that is right for them, rather than compromising according to what is offered. They are in charge of accelerating their own development in a job swap market place.

And, all of this is possible without consulting job-boards! Unlike other mobility initiatives, there is no need to rely on job adverts being published and staying up-to-date. Since e-JET is a job swap, and not a recruitment process, it couldn’t be simpler. Employees are free to create an international network of contacts and diversify their experience, all with the security of knowing that their job remains open on their return.

These benefits also extend to the Thales group as a whole, helping it to stay strong. By empowering employees in their international mobility, e-JET fosters a global mind-set and accelerates the Group’s development through sharing skills, ideas and practices. If you are interested in being part of a company that values innovation and career progression, click here to apply at Thales.
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