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Thales in Mexico


Thales is proud of its distinguished history of strong and lasting partnerships in Mexico, dating back to 1965 with the delivery of the first civil air traffic control radar. Since then, the company has progressively established itself as a technology leader while partnering with industries, offering a compelling combination of global leadership and local presence. Thales currently employs 1,370 employees in Mexico and maintains an important industrial presence with two manufacturing plants. The Group has deeply rooted relationships in both the public and private sectors in Mexico. In addition, Thales is a forerunner in digital identity solutions in Mexico, working with governmental institutions and the global business sector.

years of presence in Mexico
employees in Mexico
sites across Mexico, 2 manufacturing plants and 1 commercial office 

Community engagement

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As part of our CSR commitments to build a world that is safer, greener and more inclusive, Thales is actively engaged in many solidarity initiatives in Mexico.  

One example is the “Inspire Change” project, supported by the Thales Solidary Foundation.  Working with other business partners such as the SUM Foundation (Start Up Mexico), this project has inspired innovation and the entrepreneurial spirit of more than 100 adolescents between the ages of 15 and 18 from public schools with limited economic resources. 



Thales is the country’s leading supplier of civil air traffic management systems. The Group has been a privileged partner of the Mexican navigation authority SENEAM for more than 55 years, providing the TOPSKY systems for the four air traffic control centres in Mexico (Mexico City, Mérida, Mazatlán, Monterrey), the 12 approach centres, 23 of the 26 civil radars, as well as several navigation support systems.  

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Defence & Security 

Governments rely on Thales to protect citizens and make the world safer. Thales offers integrated technological solutions for urban security and critical infrastructure protection with relevant references in Mexico and throughout the world. 

In the Defence market, SEMAR (Navy Secretary) chose Thales to provide and integrate a multitude of defence sensors for its Long Range Ocean Patrol (POLA) Reformer class ARM Reformer 101 vessel. For SEDENA (National Defence Secretary), Thales is working on different projects, including air sovereignty topics. 


Digital Identity & Security

Thales gives businesses and governments the tools to provide secure digital services to billions of people around the world and to create objects that enhance our lives and livelihoods. Our key capabilities include :

  • Partner  to the financial sector in Mexico providing bank cards, digital banking and electronic commerce solutions, as well as introduction of new technologies  
  • Pioneer in the area of biometric solutions and digital identity. 
  • Pioneer in instant bank card issuance solutions. 
  • Main supplier of SIM Cards, value-added solutions and pioneer in the field of eSIMs in Mexico. 
  • Participation in the first commercial launches of consumer devices with eSIMs. 
  • Technology partner for Transfer transactional platform, the first digital financial inclusion project in the country. 
  • Pioneer in the field of electronic signature in the country, working with government institutions and the business sector. 
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Thales is a historic transport supplier to Mexico, beginning with the Automatic Train Control System (ATS) for 11 lines of the metro of Mexico City between 1968 and 1998.  Thales provides signalling solutions for passenger rail: the ETCS Level 1 for the Buenavista to Cuautitlan Line in 2008 and the ETCS Level 2 for the new major project of Mexico-Toluca Line. This project, under construction, will allow Thales to deploy the Level 2 signalling system for the first time on the American Continent.

Over the last 20 years, Thales has been providing and maintaining toll collection systems along federal highways for the benefit of the Ministry of Communication and Transport and its operator CAPUFE.  Thales is today the leader in this market with more than 30% market share.  Thales in Mexico is a Competence Centre for tolling solutions (with the product PITZ®, 100% developed in Mexico) and intends to export to other countries. Thales successfully implemented ticketing solutions in the Metrobus lines 3 & 6 and for the Light Train of Mexico City.

In Mexico, Thales is a leader in toll collection system with a 30% market share (including Ticketing solutions for the Metrobus and Light Train) and a Competence Centre for tolling solutions.

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Events for Mexico

Thales regularly participates in local events in Mexico or abroad to showcase its expertise and meet local actors in our main markets. Whether you are interested in defence, digital identity and security, aerospace or other market specific solutions, there should be a date and a place to meet us.

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Careers at Thales in Mexico

Want to take part in our research and development activities or actually support the delivery of our on-going projects? Take a look at our job opportunities.

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