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Thales in Denmark


Thales has been involved in Danish projects since 1973.

In Denmark, Thales provides innovative solutions and advanced technologies in Defence, Air Traffic Management, Banking and Biometric solutions. Today, Thales Denmark ApS employs 45 people at the Headquarter in Ballerup.

years of presence in the country

Thales in Denmark

Local cooperation

Thales’ strategy is to boost its local presence by establishing local partnerships. In Denmark, Thales already has a significant number of collaborations with local subcontractors and partners and will, as new contracts arrive, continue to reach out to local expertise.

As Thales recognises the high quality of Danish research, it is a principal objective to recruit local employees and establish long-term cooperation with Danish universities and regional research centres. The markets we aim to address lie within defence & security technology and aviation safety.

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In Denmark, Thales designs and produces radars in the air, land and naval domains and is also present in the communications segment. Thales has equipped the Royal Danish Navy with its main radars, APAR, SMART-L and SMART-S. Thales has also equipped the Danish Defence with the RAC 3D radar (Intermediate Range Air Defence Radar), a multi-mode radar for the coordination of medium-range, short-range and very-short range air defence weapon systems. In 2023 the Danish Ministry of Defence Acquisition and Logistics Organisation (DALO) signed an agreement with the Netherlands COMMIT Defence Procurement Agency (Commando Materieel en IT) for the acquisition of five Thales Ground Master 200 Multi-Mission Compact radars (GM200 MM/C) to support the Danish Air Force high prioritized air surveillance task over Denmark.

Moreover, Thales equips the Danish Army’s armoured vehicle fleet with the internal communications and network system called SOTAS. Thales has been a long lasting supplier for this system and is assisting the army locally in the maintenance and further development of this capability.


Since 1973, Thales has delivered Air Traffic Management (ATM) systems to Denmark in cooperation with NAVIAIR (the Air Navigation Service provider in Denmark). In Denmark, Thales installed an ATM system (COOPANS – TopSky ATC and radars) that controls Danish airspace and the airports of Copenhagen, Billund and Roskilde. Denmark, Sweden, Ireland, Austria, Croatia and Portugal are working together by using the COOPANS system, ensuring harmonisation through a joint product roadmap. This system benefits from the most advanced capabilities to ensure a safe and efficient operation in high traffic densities and complex airspace structures.

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Digital Identity & Security

Thales is a trusted partner in digital & identity services to the Danish Police and National Authorities, and has since 2004 provided VISA stickers, Tachograph cards, Resident Permit cards and Document & Biometric Readers in Denmark. Today we provide the Danish banking sector with a wide range of secure digital banking, cards and digital payment solutions.  In Denmark we supply around half of the banking cards in the market. In 2022, Thales produced the new sustainable Polylactic Acid (PLA) cards for Sparekassen Denmark. Made of non-edible corn starch, the material replaces 84% of the plastic in the card and is a bio-sourced substitute for the normal PVC-plastic in the payment cards. This considerably reduces the carbon footprint.

To rebalance the entire carbon footprint, the bank has furthermore invested in a carbon offset programme through Thales Gemalto Carbon Offset Programme. It calculates, monitors and compensates for the CO2 emissions of the issued cards via various green projects. 

Read more here Eco-friendly credit cards (2022 update) (

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