Cybersecurity: the lifeblood of digital transformation

Cybersecurity is the cornerstone of any digital transformation and the foundation of digital trust. Cybersecurity allows us to take advantage of the incredible possibilities available to us and fearlessly invent the world of tomorrow.

Welcome to the "cyber-physical" world

From industrial manufacturing equipment to financial markets, weapons systems to soldiers on deployment, consumer goods to homes, vehicles to toys, is it even possible anymore to separate the digital from the physical world? The digital world, which is still sometimes considered a world apart, permeates many aspects of our personal lives, the economy and even the very functioning of our societies. It is at the heart of the public services, businesses and infrastructure we depend on, from banks to airports, train stations, hospitals, power plants, factories, the armed or security forces.

This incredible merging of the cyber and physical worlds is a growing reality that allows companies to offer better products and services, factories to optimise production, customers to enjoy new experiences, employees to increase their mobility and public services to better meet citizens' needs.

This revolution, however, comes with new threats. Ignoring them, whether consciously or not, would be a serious mistake for our societies and their future.


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