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Nedap partners with Thales to offer facial biometric authentication for contact-free access control solutions

  • Nedap, a leader in security management, strengthens its physical access management offer with Thales facial recognition expertise.
  • The partnership aims to accelerate and simplify the deployment of secure physical access for businesses, government offices, hospitals, airports, industrial sites, public venues and more.
  • Thales facial recognition for authentication is a mature and adapted use case well suited for ‘touchless’ experiences required in today’s society.

28 July, 2020, Thales the world leader in Digital Identity & Security, announces the integration of its Facial Recognition Platform (FRP) to Nedap physical access control platform (AEOS), facilitating the widespread uptake of biometric authentication. Through the use of an ‘out of the box’ solution Thales’ platform is the first of its kind to be fully approved and integrated with the Nedap physical access control platform.

In the current context there is an increased need for touch-free physical access control. Contactless and biometric technology, particularly facial authentication, represents the right balance of security and convenience. Thales Facial Recognition Platform (FRP) is the first biometric solution to be integrated with Nedap’s offer and simplifies its implementation in existing infrastructure.

Thales FRP interfaces with Nedap’s access control panel to provide face matching results upon each authentication request, as well as the back-end to synchronize the list of authorized people. Thales FRP solution works in a connected or disconnected mode to negate any connectivity issues.

The system has data privacy at its heart and is set to be fully GDPR compliant. Users will first need to enroll to be able to use the system and all data collected will be encrypted and securely stored. As part of this users will be made aware of the way their data will be processed and used while the system also allows data deletion upon request.

“We truly believe biometrics is growing rapidly, and maybe even becomes a new standard for access control. But biometrics is much more than a fingerprint or hand palm scan. Adding facial authentication to Nedap access control systems, offers improved and hygienic experience for users and smooth and secure people flow management for access managers” says Wesley Keegstra – Integration Manager at Nedap Security Management
Thales has a strong ability to adapt to new market requirements with speed and efficiency. Going biometric for access control is now easier and faster than ever. With Thales facial recognition platform, Nedap is able to provide an innovative solution that can be easily integrated with existing infrastructures, allowing for quicker deployment. The interest in biometrics for secure and contactless authentication is increasing while being reinforced by a new “touch-free” norm set in a COVID context” says Philippe Faure, Facial Recognition Platform Business Owner at Thales Digital Identity and Security.


Vanessa Viala - Digital Identity & Security Press Officer
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