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Movin’On 2021: Thales high tech for a more sustainable mobility

  • For the 4th time, Thales will share its unique high tech and know-how on sustainable mobility at the World Summit Movin’On (from June 1 to 4, 2021).
  • As a member of the Movin’On LAB since 2016, an approach based on open innovation, Thales brings its unique perspective in cybersecurity for autonomous vehicles, multimodal transport and drones management in urban areas.
  • Thales has developed a Group-wide strategy for a low-carbon future. Part of this strategy is developing solutions and services that reduce the carbon footprint of industry and society as a whole, in particular in the transport sector.

With exponential demographic and economic growth, climate change and sustainability constraints, large cities around the world face many challenges. In terms of transport, the congestion and the pollution that they generate (30 % of the global CO2 emissions) leads them to imagine more sustainable mobility solutions.

How can Thales high tech can make urban mobility more sustainable?

Thales is working on the attractiveness of public transportation and is developing innovative solutions to complement public transport with other modes of transportation and ensure a supply that is responsive enough to meet actual passenger demand.

  • Rail transport operators are looking to innovative digital solutions and services for improved service performance and energy efficiency, and to boost the attractiveness for users. Thales helps transporting passengers safely, and with best possible experience, supervises operations with accurate situation awareness, and optimizes transport service efficiency. Using digital technologies such as IoT, 5G, cloud and web IT, data analytics and AI, Thales designs innovative solutions such as digital signalling, train autonomy, mobile ticketing, passenger flow analytics, data driven operation control, smart maintenance, which will drastically impact the way we all travel. The rollout of 5G networks into the world’s public transport systems has the potential to bring about a mobility revolution. But along with a digital transformation of this type come numerous challenges about how 5G can best be tailored to, and optimized for bus, rail, and subway systems.
  • The automotive market is undergoing an unprecedented technological, societal and competitive revolution. In particular, the car is becoming a true connected object capable of a real-time exchange of data between the vehicle, the user, the road infrastructure and the external environment. Therefore, high-quality, always-on connectivity and the best possible cybersecurity and data protection solutions will be essential. Thales mission is to bring trust through robust “people and things” authentication and identification with the ambition of a seamless user experience to maximize service adoption and contribute to the sustainable e-mobility.
  • Mobility requires opening a new dimension: the sky. This means moving from a world where thousands of craft navigate the skies to an era where there will be millions - not only urban air taxi but also drones performing urgent medical deliveries, monitoring critical infrastructure or just making the health check of a building. To make it happen technology should bring trust, safety and security that will make that people do accept seeing these future vehicles flying above their heads.
  • Thales is part of ‘Software Republique’ project, a brand-new open ecosystem for intelligent and sustainable mobility. Five leading companies – Atos, Dassault Systèmes, Groupe Renault, STMicroelectronics and Thales intend to pool their expertise in mobility, artificial intelligence, big data, cyber-security, connectivity and virtual twin technology. By pooling their complementary expertise, the partners plan to develop and market together systems and software to provide an enriched and sustainable mobility offer for cities, regions, businesses and citizens.

All these topics will be highlighted during this worldwide summit. You can find more information on Movin’On 2021.

“Thales is turning ambition into action for sustainable mobility. A great example of this commitment is the Movin’On Lab ecosystem and Thales participation at Movin’On summit. Sustainable development is at the heart of Thales strategy. Decarbonization is at the heart of our product development. We have a clear strategy in terms of minimizing environmental impacts of the use and of the development of our products. For example, in ground transportation, we have developed methods to reduce the power consumption of metro when it arrives in the station and leaves it. We take benefit of this energy to reinject it in the network.” - Valérie Bertheau, Group Product Policy VP

Launched in 2017 in Montreal, Movin’On summit is the world leading co-innovation ecosystem for a sustainable mobility. It brings together today more than 300 public and private organizations working on concrete solutions and innovations to promote sustainable mobility.

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