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Shanghai Metro Line 5 goes smoothly into full line service thanks to TST, Thales JV in China

•    Shanghai Metro Line 5 is China’s first metro line where operation, renovation and construction were fulfilled at the same time.
•    The JV’s innovative system with dual Communication Based Train Control (CBTC) architecture was selected for the resignalling of the existing line and the south extension.
•    A dual wayside-onboard communication system was deployed to enhance the reliability and stability of communication.

Shanghai Metro Line 5, composed of the resignalled existing section and the new south extension, has smoothly entered into full line service at the end of 2018. This is China’s first metro line where operation, renovation and construction were fulfilled at the same time. This great achievement has been possible thanks to the seamless and joint effort from Shanghai Shentong Metro Group Co., Ltd. and TST, the joint venture between Thales and Shanghai Electric in China.

Facing a constantly increasing passenger volume and the growth of its city, Shanghai Shentong Metro Group Co., Ltd. needs to resignal and expand its metro Line 5. Thanks to this metro line, the populated southern suburban area of Shanghai can now quickly connect to the downtown area with a greener transportation mode.

TST is both responsible for the resignalling of the existing line and providing the new signalling system for the extension in the meanwhile, which made the whole project much more complicated.
To ensure no interruption to normal service, all the resignalling and commissioning was conducted in only a few hours in the interval of the normal operation during the night. Both before and after the commissioning, a switchover was made between the old and the new signaling system to ensure normal operation on the next day. After over 500 days of working against the clock, and more than 1,000 switchovers, Shanghai Line 5 had a seamless cutover to the new signalling system with no interruption to normal service.

“By resignalling a busy metro line in Shanghai and equipping the new signalling systems on its extension at the same time, Thales has once again proven its outstanding capabilities to deliver the complex projects in urban rail modernization through its JV TST,” said Jerome Bendell, Vice President, North Asia and CEO of Thales in China. “It demonstrates the great success of our strategy on localizing R&D through the JV. We are committed to supporting the future of Chinese cities with their Fast Forward plan and contributing to their increased public transit capacity.”

Since the contract awarding in 2014, TST has worked closely with Shanghai Shentong Metro Group Co., Ltd. and made a lot of ground-breaking achievements. For example, TSTCBTC®2.0, the innovative system developed by TST, was deployed for the first time. It is a unique dual CBTC system that features full redundancy and allows higher level of availability. This is China’s first metro line that was deployed with a dual CBTC system, a revolutionary practice for urban rail signalling. TST also deploys a dual wayside-onboard communication system to enhance the reliability and stability of communication. These are vital for a busy metro line in Shanghai where the metro network transports more than 10 million passengers each day while providing a high level of service.

In line with the localization strategy in China, this project demonstrates Thales’s long-term commitment to the country by localizing R&D operations in China and working with local partners.

Benefiting from Thales’s experience in safeguarding the signalling system of over 2,600 km of urban rail transport lines for more than 30 years, coupled with a strong understanding of the operational requirements on the Chinese market, Thales is providing the highest levels of performance and complying with the world's most stringent standards for maximum safety and efficiency to ensure a pleasant journey for Chinese passengers on a daily basis. Whatever it takes.

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Thales provides innovative solutions for the infrastructure that forms the backbone of China’s growth. The Group has been present in China for more than 30 years and is the trusted partner for the Chinese aviation and urban rail transportation industries. In the meanwhile, from secure software to biometrics and encryption, Thales has successfully applied its advanced technology to mobile communication, banking, IoT and software monetization etc. Thales has 3 JVs and employs 2,400 people with offices located in 8 cities in China. Thales established R&D centers and Innovation Hubs in Beijing, Dalian and Hong Kong to provide innovative solutions for both China and international market.

About TST
TST was established in 2011 via the joint investment of Thales and Shanghai Electric. The company focuses on providing world-leading signaling system for China’s urban rail transport as well as developing innovative solutions to meet local requirements. The company is the second CBTC competence center of Thales and has been selected by 14 cities in China for 1,200 km of tracks.