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Thales and SiVA revolutionise electronic toll collection in Guatemala

•    Thales is implementing its market proven solution PITZ® (Peage Intelligent Transport Zero) electronic toll collection system along Guatemala’s vital Palin-Escuintla toll corridor
•    The contract builds on the success of 20 years of PITZ installations in Mexico and it strengthens Thales’s leadership in the Latin American toll solutions market
•    The agile PITZ solution allows integrated, real-time management of multi-form toll payments while improving traffic flow and revenue management along a pivotal 12 kilometers stretch of the country’s main highway, critical for the transport of goods 
•    While deployed in Guatemala, the solution will be capable of managing and securing payments for more than 22,000 vehicles per day

SiVA, a Grupo Marhnos company, selected Thales to revolutionise toll collection in Guatemala by bringing Thales’s well-known PITZ® (Peage Intelligent Transport Zero) electronic toll collection system to the country’s vital Palin-Escuintla toll road corridor. 

The sixth generation of Thales’s PITZ Tolling system leverages 20 years of success on the roads of Mexico and features the most modern and cutting-edge smart tolling and digital security technologies. 

As a matter of fact, Thales has deployed a high-tech mega-toll station in San Martín (Mexico) consisting of an impressive 38 lanes, allowing integrated real-time management of toll collections and automatically identifying the type of vehicle (truck, van, car, bike etc) through optical and in-ground sensors to improve traffic flows.

PITZ solution can integrate a variety of payment forms including cash, electronic toll or bank cards – contactless or not. 
It is also capable of swiftly and securely handling more than 120 vehicles per minute. A real time saver for the +22,000 vehicles that use the Guatemala’s Palin-Escuintla toll road corridor per day.

What’s more, PITZ delivers real time management and supervision of each individual toll lane while integrating seamlessly with backend systems and ensuring accurate income and revenue processing for all toll transactions. 

From May to October 2021, a team of Thales’s experts located in both Mexico and Guatemala will manage the implementation of the project, for 12 lanes and 2 toll plazas.

“We’re thrilled to be working with Thales because they are an experienced smart tolling player in Latin American and the ideal partner to help SiVA Guatemala quickly integrate the PITZ solution with both existing and new tolling infrastructure along the Palin-Escuintla road. Based on our history of success with Thales in Mexico, we know we can trust them to deliver a flexible and secure that can scales as needed and handle the large volume of the country’s busiest highway for trade.”  -  Ing. Sandro Testelli, Director of Marhnos Guatemala
“Thales is very pleased to be helping SiVA significantly improve traffic flow and revenue collection on Guatemala’s busiest highway. Leveraging Thales digital security expertise, it’s important to note that the PITZ solution is a powerful platform to help reduce missed payments and fraud using Thales’s well-known cryptographic technology to guarantee the security of data from every source.” -  Nadia Gonzales, Vice President, Latin America and Mexico Country Director