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Thales Media Day 2022

With Thales Media Days, a global “phygital” event dedicated to world media, influencers, key partners and future talents, Thales aims to illustrate the role of key technologies like Cybersecurity, Artificial Intelligence or Quantum in Thales’ products and solutions and in the citizen’s, organizations and countries daily lives. 

After a Thales Media Day dedicated to Cybersecurity in decisive moments in 2018, and another one about Artificial Intelligence in decisive moments in Montreal in 2019, the third edition hosted in Paris in 2022 was dedicated to the new cyber threats in our daily lives.

This event has provided practical, real-world examples that illustrate the key benefits of cybersecurity in the daily routine of organizations and individual citizens, in areas as diverse as digital identity, critical infrastructure, mobility, healthcare, space, remote working and defense.


Thales, a leader in cybersecurity and data protection, has organized on Tuesday May 31st, 2022 the new edition of its Thales Media Day, a special event dedicated to media focused on cybersecurity.

The health crisis has highlighted the need for secure digital transformation as a resilience factor, regardless of the industry or sector involved. Over the past 12 months, the number of cyberattacks - has exploded (+150%) and the types of threats are constantly evolving. Therefore, it is now essential to improve our knowledge and understanding of cyberattacks in order to fight effectively and collectively against this threat.

Patrice Caine, Chairman & CEO of Thales and Guillaume Poupard, CEO of ANSSI, the French information system security agency will deliver their approach towards cybersecurity in this context alongside Thales experts and cybersecurity specialists (ABI Research, Agence Spatiale Européenne, European Cybersecurity Organisation, Google, Renault).

The Thales Media Day is the occasion to discover more about the challenges and opportunities provided by cybersecurity in the identity, critical infrastructure, aerospace, defence, mobility, health or even industry sectors.

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Thales Media Day: 10 demonstrations

Thales highlights precious insights into how cybersecurity contributes positively to the day-to-day operations of organisations and enterprises, and above all how it touches the lives of citizens in all sorts of ways, in domains as varied as digital identity, critical infrastructure, mobility, healthcare, space, automotive, remote work and defence.


The delivery of a successful and secure digital identity is fundamental to the modernisation of states and the dematerialisation of public services

To date, Australia, Florida already use this solution and by September 2023, all EU member states must make a digital identity wallet available to every citizen who wants one.

Thales' digital ID wallet represents the next generation of Mobile ID, creating a secure, smartphone-based home for all the owner's digital identity credentials.


Cyber attacks against utility and energy sector targets increased by 32% in 2021 and this trend is likely to increase.

This demonstration highlights how industrial controls systems, specifically areas of Critical National Infrastructure can be vulnerable to cyber attacks.

Thales, in partnership with the National Digital Exploitation Centre (NDEC), based in Wales in the Thales Ebbw Vale, has one of the most advanced cyber testing and development facilities in the world.  

The NDEC highlights how industrial controls systems, specifically areas of Critical National Infrastructure can be vulnerable to cyber attacks. In addition to working with large global customers/partners, NDEC supports Welsh SMEs and academic research, which roots Thales firmly in the South Wales ‘Tech Valleys’.


Cyber attacks are highly feared events, blocking users from accessing their usual digital services and asking for an anonymous online payment to restore access.

To help our customers to understand and respond to cyberthreats, our experts have developed a comprehensive range of immersive, hands-on training courses, Thales Train & Experiment, based on an immersive practice in a realistic environment.

In this context, Thales with his partner Diateam, propose a training on a realistic digital twin of a maritime port, where cyber criminals are going to breach the entire system and cause damages and economic loss? Thales collaborates with cyber labs and academies worldwide. Cyber labs and academies capitalize on a Cyber Range – powered by DIATEAM - a virtual environment that enables organizations to simulate cyber crisis and realistic cyber attacks

Accessible from anywhere in the world, they are tailored to the needs of governments, defence and other sensitive industries, and scientific research personnel. 


Human activities on Earth are more and more dependent to space systems for communications, navigations, weather forecast, climate monitoring, fisheries management, agricultural production...

Satellites are critical infrastructures and the analysis of recent cyber attacks show that they have a direct impact on citizens' life and on other critical infrastructures - loss of GPS signal, loss of communications, etc.

Thales and Thales Alenia Space propose solutions enable the detection of cyber threats in Space Systems.


Exposure of services on the Internet is the cause of more than 1/3 of information system compromises.

With all the cyberattacks and their issues, the cyberstealth solution is key to secure companies and organisations applications with ethical use of darknet technology.

A Thales internal start-up Chimere by Thales has developed a cybersecurity solution, made with darknet technology in order to hide services and applications from hackers.


Cars are more connected than ever and the global vehicules ecosystem is moving to smart mobility.

With this respect, cybersecurity and great convenience are more than ever needed and this why Thales provides a secure, end-to-end solution for automotive stakeholders looking to implement the latest Car Connectivity Consortium® Digital Key specification.

Offering Digital Keys to cars users and drivers to lock/unlock their vehicles and start the engine, using their smartphone or any other mobile device, Thales provides a secured user experience further enhanced. 


Cyber attacks targeting airlines are increasing: out of 45 attacks in 2019, 775 were recorded in 2020. On the other hand, the aircrafts are more and more connected to enable new operating modes such as remote dataloading. But, they also open doors to the cyber threats.

Does aircraft hacking become a reality or is it still a fiction? Ludovic Simon, MVP developer & Airlines ops service expert for Thales avionics activities will answer to this question through the presentation of Thales FlytLink Cyber Gateway!

More than a product which enables new connected aircraft operations, it is the aircraft service to maintain it in condition of cybersecurity.


With the increase of the need for collaborative work related to sensitive data over the cloud, offering the necessary tools with the best level of security becomes a major issue for the future of companies and communities.

With Thales Cybels Hub Restricted, the first collaborative platform approved to handle "restricted level" information, you will be able to handle new hybrid work modes thanks to the services provided by Cybels Hub Restricted: messaging, video and audio conferencing, file sharing and exchange.

Collaborative work is now accessible to the most stringent users!


Cybersecurity is the enabler of any safe remote activity. Cyberattacks are on the rise and have increased during the worldwide pandemic. Remote work and cloud transformation have moved security risks beyond a company's IT perimeter.

Sensitive data are now spread across cloud-based services and apps, that end users can access from everywhere. Thales can help organizations secure and control access to all data and applications, for any user, anywhere.

In this demo, Nicolas Aneas, solution engineer manager, will show how Thales’ key encryption and identity protection solutions enable remote workers worldwide to work safely and securely on a collaborative cloud platform.

Thales is proud to present the Thales Cyber Threat Handbook. Thales Cyber threat Intelligence experts have examined 20,000 cyber attacks, 9 geographical areas and 16 business sectors.

In the face of increasingly organised cybercrime, this constantly updated mapping is crucial for a better understanding of the threats. 

Thales' Panels

Find below more info about our five panel discussions lined up on some of the hottest, most newsworthy cyber topics of the day, with experts and prestigious outside speakers.

Since few years, and in the continuity of the Digital Europe plan, Europe has made evolve its posture regarding strategic autonomy in the field of data protection and cybersecurity.

Moving now to an assumed European cybersecurity sovereignty concept. European Cybersecurity center, NIS v2 Directive, Development of cyber defense and cyber threat intelligence capabilities, Industrial cybersecurity strategy…

Many initiatives are now launched or being studied? 



Moderated by:

  • Pierre-Yves JOLIVET, VP Cyber Defence Solutions, Thales
  • Pierre Jeanne, VP, Cybersecurity Technologies and Solutions CTS, Thales
  • Marie-Liane LEKPELI,  Digital Economy Project Manager, Direction Générale des Entreprises
  • Luigi REBUFFI, Secretary General and founder of ECSO (European Cyber Security Organisation)
© © Sacha Lenormand
© © Sacha Lenormand

Space domain is transforming and we have to focus more and more on space cyber security.

How can we protect space systems from major vulnerabilities?

What the main threats to space infrastructure are and how to prevent terrorism cyber-attacks?


Moderated by:

  • Lionel SALMON, Cyber Defence Solutions Department Director, Thales
  • Silvia DIANA, Cyber Defence Solutions Bid Manager, Thales
  • Franck PERRIN, Cybersecurity Manager, Thales Alenia Space
  • Massimo MERCATI, Head of Security office, European Space Agency 

The public health crisis has accelerated the shift to digital in our societies and changed our daily lifestyles in many ways.

Thales's highly secure and encrypted data solutions support customers in numerous sectors as they ramp up their digital transformation, opening up new opportunities to drive growth and offer new services.

Thales provides solutions that can make people's lives simpler on an everyday basis while guaranteeing high levels of security, with examples from healthcare and digital identity services.


Moderated by:

  • Raphaël DE CORMIS, VP, Innovation and Digital Transformation at Thales and CEO of Thales Digital Factory
  • Claire GODRON, Transformation Director, Identity & Verification Solutions, Thales
  • Béatriz MATESANZ, Director of innovation, Microwave & Imaging Sub-Systems, Thales
  • Testimonial from ABI Research 
© © Sacha Lenormand
© © Sacha Lenormand

Today, we are evolving in a world where data is increasingly more sensitive, where new modes of collaboration have appeared, and by association, new needs in security: encryption becomes a necessity.

We need to move from risk enducing situations - data loss, data hacking - to ensuring security. Companies must have an infrastructure that is secure and resilient. The cloud has therefore become an essential tool to achieve this.


Moderated by:

  • Stéphane LENCO, VP Information System Security, Thales
  • Thiebaut MEYER, CISO Director, Google Cloud

With the development of connected cars, electric vehicles and driver-assistance systems, cybersecurity has become a priority for the entire ‘mobility’ ecosystem; calling car manufacturers, their partners and governments for a better resilience.

Cybersecurity is thus intrinsically linked to the safety of the vehicle, the protection of the assets, the data, the users, and ultimately the trust people have in connected cars.


Moderated by:

  • Sébastien GUEREMY, Strategy Director, Thales
  • Christine CAVIGLIOLI, VP Automotive Vertical Line of Business, Thales
  • Pierre GACHON, IT Security Director, Renault 
© © Sacha Lenormand

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