Lie Tju Tjeng
Regional Sales Manager, Aerospace

“If Thales were a local Singaporean dish, it would be “Rojak” – It is the mixing of different ingredients that makes one surprisingly delicious recipe.”

We make tomorrow possible because we believe in the importance of diversity and inclusion.

Thales is a truly diverse company. In the Singapore office alone, we have 31 different nationalities! Coming from Indonesia, I’ve never once felt out of place here and I am heartened that we have formed our own identity as an organisation. The unique camaraderie has instilled in me a great sense of belonging to the company.

Thales also emphasizes placing us in teams of varied nationalities and ethnicities whenever possible to ensure a good mix, which is what I really love. This has given me many opportunities to learn about different cultures and enhanced my ability to see issues from various perspectives to offer innovative solutions. Moreover, I work with managers who invest their time in me to help me achieve my personal goals and ensure I am recognized for my efforts.