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Thales certified as a security incident detection service provider

The official Security Visa for certification as a security incident detection service provider (PDIS*) has now been awarded to Thales by ANSSI, France's national agency for information system security. This latest Security Visa follows earlier qualifications obtained by Thales, which include basic qualification for the Cybels Sensor cyberattack detection probe, and PASSI certification as a provider of audit and consultancy services to government and critical infrastructure providers.

These qualifications are a solid endorsement of Thales's position as a trusted end-to-end cyber partner for critical infrastructure providers in their efforts to meet the stringent cybersecurity requirements of the French military programming law (LPM) and the European NIS Directive (Network and Information Security).

Thales's PDIS SOC platform is already operational for a number of customers, including Engie, whose information systems are supervised at the Thales Cybersecurity Operation Centre in Elancourt, near Paris.

Thales's PDIS certification reflect the high standards and unflagging engagement of our cyber partner, who has been supervising our information systems since 2016.
Nicolas Vielliard, Head of Engie's Global Security Operations Centre 

Thales operates five Cybersecurity Operation Centres around the world (including the PDIS SOC in Elancourt) to provide all its customers with a tailored response to each set of requirements:

  • Early threat prevention and risk management for enterprise information systems: since 1999, Thales has also provided CERT-IST (Computer Emergency Response Team – Industry, Services, Tertiary) services to monitor security on a permanent basis and issue alerts in real time about any vulnerabilities that could impact customers' systems.
  • Security incident detection and real-time response: incident analysis and expedited resolution of incidents, including deployment as required of the Rapid Reaction Team set up by Thales in 2013.
  • Permanent monitoring of security practices and compliance with the customer's security policies.

* PDIS: Prestataire de Détection d’Incidents de Sécurité (security incident detection service provider)