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Discover our UE5-powered SATIS small arms trainer

Recent conflicts have highlighted it once more: proper training is key to win battles. For infantry, this begins with efficient marksmanship training. Ammo-less virtual shooting ranges contribute by offering a cost-efficient and transportable solution, and they just got even better!

Indeed, our partnership with Epic Games (announced at I/ITSEC 2022), has resulted in a major upgrade of the SATIS Small Arms Training Indoor Simulator.

Now powered by Unreal Engine 5, SATIS boasts AAA video game level graphics, resulting in a quantum leap in terms of immersion. Combined with realistic replica weapons, SATIS offers unprecedented level of realism, not only on-screen but also in-hands, allowing you to draw maximum value out of your training sessions.

The immersion factor is an important one in any simulator, including small arms trainers. Most of today’s soldiers have grown up with video games and have high expectations in this area. SATIS (Small Arms Trainer Indoor Simulator) now supports Unreal Engine 5 and introduces AAA video game graphics to your missions, resulting in total immersion for maximum learning outcomes.

If you want to prepare your soldiers for modern conflicts, you definitely want to cover the use of drones. This is why SATIS (Small Arms Trainer Indoor Simulator) includes a drone operator station add-on allowing users to control a fixed or rotary wing UAV, either in a blue team or red team role. Modules are also available for artillery forward observers and door gunners.

Immersion in a simulator is not just about graphics. It is also about what you hold in your hands. As a result, SATIS (Small Arms Trainer Indoor Simulator) weapons are high fidelity replicas with pneumatic recoil featuring a detailed ballistics model. In conjunction with telescopic, night vision and thermal sight simulators, they allow users to train as closely as possible to real conditions.