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Parley for the Oceans and Thales: eco-innovative cards for a cause

Plastic contamination of the oceans is a fast-growing global issue. The world faces the potential extinction of many sea species and the interruption of the entire ecosystem.

Everyone has a role to play in solving this critical problem and ensuring that plastics won’t outweigh fish in 2050, as predicted by the Ellen MacArthur Foundation in 2016.

The threat is already ubiquitous.

Plastic is found at all levels of the marine food web, in the deepest ocean trench and on the highest mountain peak.

The truth is there's no magic quick fix for oceans threats, but we can be part of those who redress the balance, step by step.

For banks, fintechs and their environmentally conscious customers, the Thales Gemalto Ocean Plastic® card is a way to make a difference.

The new upcycled payment card -made primarily from Ocean Plastic® from Parley for the oceans- can become a symbol of positive change and an invitation for everyone to join the combat against marine plastic pollution.

Please see please see for more information on:
•    what's behind Parley and Thales partnership
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•    American Express move to Ocean Plastic® cards - a first in its industry
•    behind the scene and reveal how challenging it can be to reinvent card manufacturing practices