Success should be celebrated!

At the end of last year, Thales SIX in the Netherlands was issued a key certificate in the field of process improvement. In order to achieve this, the maturity level of the organisation was assessed.

Thales SIX in the Netherlands uses a process improvement model called CMMI. CMMI stands for Capability Maturity Model Integration. We use CMMI as a tool for ourselves and our customers in order to measure the current maturity level of Thales SIX in terms of process management, support, (acquisition) engineering and project management.

Final assessment

The CMMI final assessment "SCAMPI class A" took 2 weeks and has been successfully completed. SCAMPI stands for Standard CMMI Appraisal Method for Process Improvement and from that, "Class A" is a formal assessment method to achieve a rating. We have been rated as CMMI maturity level 2 for our Acquisition (subcontracting from engineering) processes and CMMI maturity level 3 for Development. This means we carry out the associated activities using planned processes and tools offered by the organisation. An example of this is the Chorus 2.0 Management System. It also means we pay continuous attention to lessons learned and the implementation of improvement measures. Above all, it has been concluded that the measurements and analysis carried out actually add value, for example "MT dashboard" based on the Hoshin matrix in which the company objectives are laid down.

I want to offer everyone involved in achieving this certification, and there are many, my sincere thanks. We will have to remain focussed on how we can improve ourselves continuously in the future.
Mohamed Koulali, Manager Quality