Towards digital and sustainable societies

Business challenges today are increasingly complex; so is the development process of the solutions to these challenges. Historically, inventors illuminate the need for technical innovation; so does the ongoing mismatch between user expectations and technical deliveries. 90% of startups fail due to having the wrong problem statement. But here is how the Thales Design Centre concept comes into play.

On Oct. 31 2017, at Université Laval in Quebec City, some 80 research units (Laval University, Montréal Polytechnique), businesses (Google, Thales) and public or semi-public organizations (ONU, City of Quebec, CEFRIO) attended the Conference: Toward digital and sustainable societies. This conference, organized by the Societies and Information Technology Institute (SITI,) aims to address the issue of digital technologies integration in our societies.

End user matters

Christophe Muratet, Head of Innovation for Thales Research & Technology Canada, introduced the concept of community-based innovation for the best possible adoption of technology. New digital technologies: AI, AR, Blockchain are increasingly complex to end users, and not necessarily of high value without the right adoption. Cross-functional teams including end users in the early design process are the key to digital business growth in achieving the right balance between market pull and technology push.

Our main goal was to introduce the Thales Design Centre concept, and demonstrate to the audience the power of Design Thinking as an innovation process towards attractive and sustainable digital solutions”.

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Thales Group - pic muratet