Thales present at the VI Technical Meeting of the Thematic Network of UCCLA 'Civil Protection'

The VI Technical Meeting of the UCCLA Thematic Network "Civil Protection" took place last October, in Ilha do Sal, Cape Verde, which included two training actions.
Thales Portugal was represented by Rui Lourenço and Carlos Teixeira, at the invitation of UCCLA, due to the project that has been developed with the Civil Protection services of the Cascais City Hall.
As a result of the quality, appropriateness and recognition of the usefulness of the contents of the training, up to the civil protection priorities with which the present municipalities are confronted, the possibility was opened for the Network to develop, in the future, actions of equal value in the other islands, aiming at the organization of civil protection and fire services in Cape Verde in its national whole.

Particular attention has also been given to aspects of equipment shortages, which are essential for a better response to catastrophes and more frequent occurrences in the islands of Cape Verde, such as floods and road accidents.

As evidence and recognition of the whole team's performance and merited of this meeting, it is with pleasure that Thales Portugal presents the letter of thanks of the Secretary General of the UCCLA (Union of Capitals Cities of Portuguese Language).