Singapore’s digital future is here and Thales is part of it!

Singapore’s digital future is here. Emerging technologies will change the way we live, work, and play.

From artificial intelligence-enabled video surveillance for urban security, to communications-based signalling system for a more efficient rail system, we have been a partner to Singapore every step of the way.

As Singapore ramps up on its digital journey, their goals and ours are aligned. Across the world, we have been focusing on strengthening our capabilities and investing heavily in Big Data, Cybersecurity, Connectivity, and Artificial Intelligence, which we believe are vital building blocks of the digital future.
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But we are not alone in this journey. For us to be a trusted partner, co-innovation and collaboration are critical to creating an environment driven by technology and creativity. For instance, we held our inaugural Digital Day in October last year to not only showcase how our solutions and capabilities are aligned with Singapore’s Digital Nation ambitions, but also to provide a platform for our customers and partners to co-create new solutions and services.

Finally, we will continue to invest in our people. This will be fulfilled by deepening and broadening the skills of our employees here through constant training as well as by transferring know-how and experience.
With Singapore’s ongoing commitment to take the country further on its digital path, the future is clear and bright. Thales is just as optimistic about the future and we are confident in our ability to support the city-state in realising its smart nation vision, whatever it takes.
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