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Thales signs up for Mobility Week, one more year

Fresh off the holidays and with the covid pandemic somewhat more under control than in the months prior to summer, cities are once again taking the pulse of daily activity. Cars, traffic jams, smoke, honking ... being unhealthy for both the city itself and for those who live or work in it.

Just in this momnet, the celebration of the European Mobility Week between September 16 and 22 makes a lot of sense. Even more so if we take into account that the motto chosen for this year is "For your health, move in a sustainable way", focusing on the importance that the way of moving has on the health of citizens and workers.

Thales, has been committed with this important subject  for a long time, both at an industrial and labor level. In fact, the company has a public commitment through its business strategy in favor of the decarbonization of transport in a generic way. Specifically, using resources and efforts to achieve digital and modern railway systems with a view to their decarbonisation.

The company develops systems responsible with the environment based on artificial intelligence that allow a reduction of CO2 and the fulfillment of the goal of reducing greenhouse gas emissions by 2050. The GreenSpeed ??driver assistance system is a proof of it as well as the replacement of the  vehicles fleet in the Thales Spain Operations and Maintenance areas, replacing fuel vehicles with hybrid vehicles.

For this reason, and as an expert in digital solutions for sustainable mobility, Thales has recently submitted a proposal to lead four PERTEs to the Ministry of Transport, Mobility and Urban Agenda, to implement the NEXT Generation EU package of community funds.

But Thales goes further, with initiatives that involve its employees. For example, favoring the use of electric vehicles, with the installation of charging points in most of its locations. The company organizes different activities for company workers, such as a specific course on efficient driving given at the Thales España virtual campus; or challenges to promote healthy habits that can be followed through the VeryWellness application and the company's online health and sports platform.