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Thales modernizes signalling and telecommunications on the Ferrol-Ortigueira section

•    Adif has awarded Thales the execution of a new project which consists of the removal of the telephone lock in the Ferrol-Ortigueira section
•    Safety and reliability of the facilities will be improved, as well as optimization of the operation
•    Contract value: 13 million euros (VAT included)

Thales signed a new contract with Adif for a construction project regarding the removal of the telephone lock in the Ferrol-Ortigueira section for the amount of 13 million euros (VAT included).

The scope of this project is the “Ferrol-Ortigueira” section which is part of Line 740 Ferrol-Pravia RAM (Metric Gauge Network), with a total length of 53.5 km on a single, non-electrified track, and equipped with analog ASFA system and telephone locks between adjacent stations.

The purpose is to carry out the improvement and modernization works of the signalling and telecommunications facilities in the affected section.

This contract is intended to increase the capacity of the line, establish a regular and stable train circulation, improve the safety and reliability of the facilities, rationalize and optimize the railway operation according to the needs. This will entail a reduction in execution costs, through the integration of the “Ferrol-Ortigueira” section in the remote control of the Central Post of CTC (Centralized Traffic Control) of El Berrón (Asturias) facilities.

To respond to these needs, Thales will proceed with the installation of technology related to:
•    Signalling systems, such as Intersig L905E electronic interlockings, automatic locks,
•    Installation of a new video-graphic local command system (PLO) and a train safe detection system using Thales technology AzLM / ZP30K axle counters in stations and on the route,
•    Thales LED technology light signals, among others.