ATCA Annual Conference & Exposition

Thales is proud to sponsor the 2019 ATCA Annual Conference & Exposition. Taking place October 21 -23, ATCA Annual takes an in-depth look at the future of air traffic control, and includes three days of presentations, seminars, networking opportunities, and exhibition with the participation of internationally recognized experts in the ATC/ATM industry.

Tuesday October 22, 9-10am: Frank Matus, Director, Digital Aviation Market Development, Americas, will participate in the “The Art of the Possible: Ushering the NAS into the Age of Automation” panel, which will explore how we can implement innovative, cyber-secure automation solutions to support the integration of UTM and ATM airspace. The panel will include representation from Airbus, the Air Force Research Laboratory, the NASA Aeronautics Research Institute (NARI), and NATCA. See the full agenda.