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Meet Natasha F.

Natasha F., a Market Analyst for Thales Canada's Defence and Security Optronics group, explores what drove her to begin her career with Thales.

Tell me about your educational background. What made you pursue your field of study?
Coming from a creative background, I was looking for a field that spoke to both my artistic and analytical sides. In my mind, marketing was the perfect blend; a career where I could apply myself creatively while thinking critically. In addition, my passion has always been helping companies serve people better, and marketing achieves this by always putting the customer first. 

What interested you in working with Thales? 
Thales is a multinational company with a strong presence around the world across many different fields of expertise. This connects us globally to a variety of people and intelligence, which in turn strengthens our capabilities. The immense amount of resources and support that Thales offers to help you master your job attracted me as a candidate because I feel that this sort of environment is built for success.

For me, Thales is a hub for innovation that improves the lives of others. Whether it's protecting civilians with our defence solutions, or securing companies’ data, Thales is an organization bound for success that always strives to better serve our customers. 

What three words would you use to describe working at Thales?
Supportive – My colleagues and leadership always support me in my ambitions. Innovative –  My role keeps my on my toes as I continue to learn and adapt to market trends.  Expert – Everyone at Thales is willing to teach you and guide you in your career as you master your position.