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Thales to expand its presence in North America by adding hundreds of new employees

Recruiters at Thales North America have already hired nearly 1,000 new employees and plan to hire up to 300 more before year’s end. The expansion will increase Thales’ employee base in the United States and Canada to approximately 6,200 positions.

A global technology trailblazer, Thales first established a presence on the North American continent 100 years ago and now maintains a robust presence in the U.S. and Canada. Today, Thales can meet the most demanding requirements of its U.S. and Canadian customers by leveraging its strengths in defense, digital identity and security, aerospace, space and transport.

Thales also prides itself on creating an inclusive work environment to attract a truly diverse pool of applicants with the talent and experience to design and deliver the most advanced technology solutions. Here are a few examples of diversity and inclusion initiatives at Thales:

  • Competency-based Interview training and Team Inclusivity training for our Talent Acquisition teams and hiring community to promote bias neutral processes.
  • Smart Working initiative focused on trust, empowerment and accountability through output, enabling teams to work from anywhere to meet customer needs.
  • Diversity, Inclusion & Belonging Calendar that follows monthly themes with supporting events on topics such as Gender Diversity, Civil/Human Rights, Diversity of Background, and Social & Environmental Justice.
  • Graduate Program designed to create strong partnerships with universities and provide interns/co-ops with clear career opportunities.
“Thales continues to strive to build a robust and engaged professional community with a strong sense of purpose, having Diversity & Inclusion, Wellbeing, Growth and Development and Corporate Social Responsibility at its core,” said Michelle Forbrigger, Vice President of Human Resources at Thales North America. “We aim to strengthen the overall employee experience through an environment that fosters growth and innovation through trust and empowerment. At Thales, culture matters!”
Matthew Cox, Thales Media Relations North America