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Transport Ticketing Global

05-06 March 2024
Olympia, Hammersmith Road, Kensington -
London, UK

Thales will be present at Transport Ticketing Global 2024, the world’s largest public transport forum event for smart ticketing & mobility professionals.

Thales Banking and Payment Services offers a range of physical and digital card issuing solutions for the payment and transport markets. We provide transit authorities with: 
- our connection with the main wallets (Appel Pay, Samsung Pay, Huawei Pay, Google Pay)
- a digital sales channel allowing transport tickets to be sold from wallets and mobile applications 
- an individualized communication channel for each traveler 

Given the growing success of EMV in ticketing, Thales Banking and Payment Services also provides transport authorities with white label EMV technologies that can be used for closed-loop cards. These licenses make it possible to rationalize infrastructures, limit costs, and guarantee the independence of the authorities. The implementation of the technology does not require any partnership with financial institutions, and is exempt from the regulatory constraints of the payment world.

More info on the event website