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Mobile radiography systems provided by Thales are on the frontline in the battle against Covid-19

CMT Medical, an Israel-based entity that is part of Thales, is specialized in the development and production of Radiography Imaging Solutions and is currently operating at a high level of capacity. We look at the explanations with Yossi Katzav, CEO of this entity.

As a consequence of the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, today more than ever hospitals are operating on a just-in-time basis and the number of patients continues to grow. Healthcare facilities are looking to rapidly equip themselves with mobile X-ray solutions to assess patients' lung damage directly in their rooms, without transferring patients potentially infected with the virus to a dedicated X-Ray room.

To meet current high demands from hospitals, the 75 employees of CMT Medical, which are focused on the development and production of Digital Imaging Systems, are currently operating at a high level of capacity.

According to CMT Medical’s director Yossi Katzav, “in this crisis situation, we are committed on a daily basis to meet the needs of healthcare establishments and install these systems around the world. The aim is to help healthcare professionals have access to clinical images - which are the basis of any Covid-19 diagnosis - within the shortest possible time frame.”

 Using Trixell® portable digital X-ray detectors and a smart portable tablet, the Mobile ArtpixTM Ez2Go X-ray system can be installed immediately and can record up to 10,000 images to support patients continuously in a context of increasing needs. The images can be viewed next to the patients, using the Ez2Go System, allowing the healthcare professional to diagnose and take action without having to wait for the images to be transferred to the hospital’s central computer system.

"Since the beginning of the epidemic and thanks to compliance with health, hygiene and safety regulation measures within our entity, we have been able to maintain production and several systems have been installed in hospitals for daily chest examination of patients with COVID 19. Our employees are proud to make a contribution and to be able to support hospitals and our customers in their healthcare needs,” adds Yossi Katzav.
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Artpix Mobile EZ2GO