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Thales and Thaicom establish the foundation to lead the Unmanned Traffic Management deployment
in Thailand

  • Thales and Thaicom, through Thaicom’s subsidiary, a leading Asian satellite operator and provider of integrated satellite communications, establish the foundations of an Unmanned Traffic Management (UTM) framework to enable the growth of the drone ecosystem in Thailand.
  • Thales provides a tailored offer of services to build a UTM implementation roadmap aligned with Thailand context.
  • This project signifies a significant milestone in advancing the safety and efficiency of unmanned aerial systems in Thailand.
© Thales
© Thales

In recent years, the integration of Unmanned Traffic Management (UTM) solutions has become a pivotal aspect of modern airspace management. Thales and Thaicom subsidiary collaborate to develop a feasibility study to enable the deployment of Unmanned Traffic Management (UTM) services in Thailand.

As Thailand moves towards a future where drones will play a major role in various industries, a robust UTM system is crucial. By adopting the building blocks and best practices highlighted by Thales and drawing inspiration from successful international use cases, Thailand can pave the way for a seamless and secure integration of drones into its airspace. The Thales proposed roadmap will provide a structured approach to navigate the complexities of UTM implementation.

In selecting Thales as the leading UTM technology partner, Thaicom subsidiary not only secures a renowned group but also a partner deeply invested in country’s success. Thales's knowledge of local context and global expertise will contribute to propel Thailand into a new era of drone airspace management. Together, Thales and Thaicom subsidiary are set to create a safe, efficient, and technologically advanced drone airspace in Thailand.


"Thales is pleased to collaborate with Thaicom subsidiary, a long term customer in Thailand. This project is a great opportunity to support the ambitions of Thaicom subsidiary, to highlight Thales expertise in the UTMS field and to establish the foundations of a UTM framework enabling the growth of the drone ecosystem in the country." Christian Rivierre, VP Airspace Mobility Solutions at Thales.

About Thales in Thailand

Thales has been present in the Thai defence sector for over 50 years when we signed our first contract with the Royal Thai Navy. Since then, our presence has grown significantly to support Thailand’s technological, employment and economic ambitions. Today, Thales employs close to 700 employees, comprising 90% Thai nationals, who are providing digital expertise and smart solutions for the Aerospace, Space, Defence and Digital Identity & Security domains.

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