The 2019 Annual Interservice/Industry Training, Simulation and Education Conference (I/ITSEC) will be held on December 2-6 in Orlando, Florida. Connect with us at Booth 591 & 649 to see selections of capabilities across AI, big data, cybersecurity and connectivity that demonstrate how our digital approach delivers training that reflects the demands of current and future generations, as well as value for money for all our traditional end-users.

Speaking engagements:

  • December 3, 14:00 - Room S320B: Towards A Common Reference Architecture for Mission Training Through Distributed Simulation. Authors: Tom van den Berg, Martin Asprusten, Jean-Louis Gougeat, Patrice Le Leydour
  • December 3, 14:00 - Room S320C: Raising the Standard – Industry and Government working together for simulation coherence. Authors: Simon Skinner & Grant Bailey, Joint Simulation Coherence Authority, UK MoD DE&S  
  • December 3, 16:00 - Room S320A: Building the World - Could AI build our Synthetic Environments? Author: Graham Long 
  • December 4, 08:30 - Room S320B: Simulation-based autonomous systems testing – from automotive to defence. Author: Tim Coley (presented by Nick Moylan (XPI))

Thales booth demonstrations will include:

  • NUADA – Cloud-based solution for planning, preparing and delivering events that employs networked simulation environments.
  • Strike Force – Thales AI-Driven Common Generated Forces fast combat solution that leverages artificial intelligence to enable instructors to build their exercises in a more intuitive way with modelled environments and representative behaviors.
  • HuMans (Human Performance Monitoring) – Innovative Human Performance Monitoring tool that provides a means of objectively monitoring and evaluating the behavior and performance of trainee pilots during simulated missions. 
  • FireForce 200 - Digital combat solution that supports instructors by providing an individual and accurate data analysis about the trainees, that was unavailable so far. 
  • CENTAuR & IS-1500 - A hybrid inertial and visual system that can help determine the location tracking of a platform or person in training environments where GPS signals are either comprised or non-existent.


For further information or to book a meeting with one of our team at the expo, please contact Jackie Lucas, External Communications Business Partner, AVS UK at jackie.lucas@uk.thalesgroup.com.