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Force Readiness from the most realistic training

Because every second can be the decisive one on the battlefield

On the battlefield, mission-critical information comes fast and furious. The commanding officer must waste no time analyzing the situation and making the correct decision: a few seconds can make the difference between success or failure for his troops.
Because the most realistic training creates, Thales’s new simulation training features highly realistic, elaborate scenarios. A high definition virtual environment with computer-generated scenarios relying on artificial intelligence replicates the soldiers’ on-the-ground experience – with visuals and messages as close to reality as possible from sensors, drones and radios. Since each end-user simulator is connected to other trainees, the entire company is trained in a coordinated way.
In this way, Thales’s virtual training gives new meaning to the concept of "Collaborative Combat" , which coordinates each person’s role on the battlefield, creating seamless communications linkages between all members of the force.

Virtual training gives troops the ‘Collaborative  Combat’ edge.

Collaborative Combat is new way of fighting that is transforming the way battles are conducted.
The equipment allows users to accurately see the environment around them, for example the electronics inside combat vehicles. We have solutions which give end-users an edge in a critical environment.
Fréderic Turquet, Product Line Manager for Training & Simulation, Thales.

Thales is offering virtual, constructive and live simulated training for land, air, and naval forces at military training academies, tailored to their individual needs, even if they use some equipment from other providers.  Thales’s breakthrough equipment used in the simulation training includes the new SYNAPS radio system, which allows both hierarchical and transverse exchanges so that soldiers can communicate directly with each other on a scale of complete brigade deployment. It also includes the new high-definition, day and night Antares Camera, which provides a panoramic, 360-degree vision. And of course, both systems and data transfers are fully protected from cyberattacks.
Through simulation using all the equipment for Collaborative Combat, Thales is training soldiers as they fight virtually to be prepared to win when the decisive moment is real.

This article is part of a series of articles published for the Eurosatory exhibition in Paris, 11-15th June 2018. Learn more.