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Interceptor comms capability for small vessels

Fast interceptor craft now have access to high-performance communication systems based on the latest tactical products for land forces: a new approach from Thales that enhances crew efficiency and safety while improving operational coordination.

Noise, speed, heavy swell — interceptor crews often work in demanding conditions, and must be able to intervene quickly in a range of scenarios, from search and rescue operations to investigation of suspicious cargo, while minimising the risk of error. For Thales, this particular type of craft shares many similarities with the armoured vehicles used on land. Hence the idea of providing interceptors with the same kind of integrated communications capability, based on the SOTAS system, developed for land forces as a fully fledged communication node between the crew and the outside world.

Designed to meet the needs of all types of interceptors and evolving mission scenarios, this modular system combines COTS components and sea-proven military hardware. It is based on an IP architecture for secure voice and data communications with a C2 centre and supports a wide range of radio frequencies, from HF to satcom.

INTERCEPTOR from Thales is an easy-to-deploy, relatively low-cost solution that offers a number of key benefits. First, the system has ambient noise compensation, enabling crew with high-quality headsets to communicate clearly with each other at all times. Using their PR4G secure tactical radios, they can also communicate with a shore-based command centre and exchange GPS, radar and AIS information1 (position, course, speed, etc.). Guided by the shore centre, and with enhanced situational awareness, interceptors can better anticipate and plan operations.


The INTERCEPTOR solution offers navies a high-performance communication tool at relatively low cost and with a reduced logistics footprint to support small vessels in their missions and enhance their interception capabilities.

Find out more:

Download the brochure "Interceptor Communication Suite – Connectivity for all interceptor missions" (PDF)

Key benefits :
- A scalable, cost-effective solution
- Sea-proven equipment
- Easy to deploy and use
- Designed for severe conditions (environment, noise)

1Automatic Identification System: automatic system of message exchange via VHF radio that informs ships and traffic monitoring centres of the identity, status, position and route of all vessels in a given navigational area.