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Watchkeeper’s range and endurance – and its combination of electro-optical, infrared and radar sensors – allow both point and wide-area surveillance in all weathers, and even in zero-visibility.

Watchkeeper can gather vital information on the whereabouts of potential threats, non-combatants and friendly forces. It also supports route reconnaissance, identifying possible threat locations and providing detailed terrain information.

Information operations
Watchkeeper gathers and transmits imagery for information operations – for example, details of collateral damage or hostile actions.

Target acquisition
Watchkeeper can identify and pinpoint targets, and, when appropriate, control or cue military action. Its sensors and laser subsystem provide accurate target location data to support precision assets, and can mark targets for ground forces.

Situational awareness
Watchkeeper can transmit high quality images and video securely and reliably to numerous locations, giving commanders information and Image Intelligence (IMINT) that greatly enhances situational awareness.