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One in four people worldwide enjoy secure and smart connectivity thanks to Thales solutions

While a wide variety of things started to be connected to 5G, Thales ensures that mobile operators, OEMs, and IoT providers are successfully empowering billions of people and devices with secure connectivity. To that end, Thales develops solutions that are secure-by-design, simple to use, and durable in order to best support those major players. Learn more about what Thales has to offer and what will be on display at MWC

  • Thales will attend the MWC (Mobile World Congress) Barcelona from February 27 to March 2, 2023, to present its key solutions that support the mobile industry’s digital transformation.
  • At booth A2J30, meet our experts to exchange on new trends related to Security, 5G, SIM / eSIM, private networks, Digital ID, IoT and sustainable strategies.
  • Nearly a quarter of the world's mobile users are unknowingly benefiting from Thales technology. It’s time to discover or rediscover how Thales enables, behind the scenes, secure connectivity for the mobile world.

“All about SIM & eSIM technologies”

  • Optimising the success of eSIM deployments. In a market increasingly equipped with eSIM solutions, MNOs and connectivity providers need to optimize the efficiency and effectiveness of eSIM subscription deployments while providing the best end-user experience. Thales will demonstrate disruptive andinnovative eSIM solutions to addressoperational efficiency, from real-time subscriptions management, to eSIM analytics, for a better understanding of subscription usage.
  • Streamlined connectivity enablement for Private Networks. Private networks are key for the enterprises digitalization. These networks require eSIMs and SIMs to securely identify and connect users and objects. Thales eSIM as a Service offers private network providers a simple way to manage this essential component.
  • Reaching ESG objectives with Thales technologies. With Thales EcoSIM offer, the world’s first SIM made of 100% post-consumer recycled plastic, the impact of the SIM card activity can then be reduced. From another hand, thanks to miniaturized form-factors such as eSIM / iSIM and remote management services, Thales supports mid-long term sustainable efforts with energy efficient technologies.

“All about mobile and industrial digitalisation”

  • Trusted Digital Telco. Consumers are increasingly looking for a trusted, end-to-end digital journey for purchasing and using their mobile plan. Thales created a digital first brand solution that can also be integrated to a carrier app proposing a quick and secure onboarding, including identity verification and eSIM subscription.
  • Making massive IoT available to all. The solutionThales Adaptive Connect’ implements eSIM standards designed for massive IoT, so that IoT Service Providers and device makers can build resilient and cost-effective connectivity with no back-end integration, no impact on device manufacturing and logistics operations.

“All about 5G”

  • A new Trust model for securing 5G network from the edge to the core. Thales 5G solutions - implemented with security by design - deliver end-to-end data security and authentication to help organisations protect data and the identities of devices connected to 5G networks. Whether data is in motion, in use or at rest, Thales protects data across networks between users and IoT devices, to the edge, and, finally, in the core network and data stores.
  • 5G Non-Terrestrial Networks. The Non-Terrestrial Network (NTN) is a global standard for satellite systems that has been newly defined to support any orbit, any frequency band and any device. It opens the door for the seamless integration of satellite network components in 5G systems and beyond, delivering the promise of a ubiquitous mobile system providing inclusive 5G connectivity from space. Thales, with Thales Alenia Space is leading this 5G NTN journey that would materialize in the upcoming years through new disruptive services and use cases.

“With the advent of 5G and the emerging 6G, new technological and social challenges will have to be addressed. Secure connectivity is critical, as billions of people rely on it to live, move, work and get entertained. Thales is more than ever ready to help the consumer and industrial sectors play a responsible role in this digital transformation.” said Philippe Vallée, EVP Digital Identity & Security at Thales.

Vanessa Viala - Digital Identity & Security Press Officer
+33 6 07 34 00 34