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Thales at the heart of big events

Thales's state-of-the-art technologies allow you to enjoy the world's biggest events. We help you get there by air and by ground transportation, or we just broadcast directly to your living room!




Our ATM solutions seamlessly manage peaks in traffic at sporting and major events around the world. With the 2014 FIFA World Cup in Brazil, the number of flights in Brazilian airspace will increase significantly, leading to intensive use of the facilities in place to maintain airspace surveillance. The equipment installed by Thales will have a crucial role to play in helping decision-makers to control and ensure the safety of air traffic during the event.

  • The Ministry of Tourism estimates that more than 600,000 foreign tourists will come to Brazil for the 2014 FIFA World Cup.
  • Brazilian air traffic controllers will have to deal with an increase of up to 30% in traffic volumes.
  • Brazilian airspace extends over a vast area measuring 22 million square kilometres.


We have the most complete range of ATM solutions on the market. Our solutions and expertise in managing large, complex air traffic control projects are trusted the world over.



Thales protects you wherever you are, even inside the stadium. Major events need protection from everyday levels of threat, such as crowd incidents and unauthorised access, and from more sophisticated, organised threats including terrorist attacks and organised crime. Thales has built on its defence and aerospace experience to provide integrated solutions that protect sensitive sites and major events from a broad array of threats and coordinate prevention and response by the various emergency teams, public safety and security organisations.

  • 25 countries now use Thales' identity management systems, representing 200 million identity documents and more than 150 million fingerprints.
  • We provides high-grade security for 80% of the world's banking transactions.



Everywhere it matters, we deliver. Thales leads the way in the transportation market with premier systems to meet rail and public transport needs. Our solutions unlock capacity, improve safety and increase energy efficiency. We help our customers operate infrastructures at higher capacities so passengers and goods can reach their destinations more quickly, more safely, more ecologically and at a lower cost.

  • Rail and Public Transport: Thales controls 72,000 kilometres of train lines in 16 countries and manages the movements of 52,000 trains every day.
  • SELTRAC® CBTC operates on 56 lines in the world’s 30 largest urban centres for 3 billion passengers every year.
  • Our signalling systems increases line capacity by 20% on London’s Jubilee Line and was successfully used during the 2012 Olympic Games.
  • Fare collection: Thales handles more than 50 million transactions every day in 100 cities. Globally, 4000 metro, bus and tram stations are equipped with our ticketing systems



Kick-off on your screens: Thales’s role in broadcasting worldwide events.