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Thales in Switzerland

Since its first presence in Switzerland, Thales has become a leading supplier of high-tech solutions, systems and services in the fields of defense and security, training and simulation, satellite and space technology, cybersecurity and data protection as well as in the production and personalization of bank cards and government travel and identity documents.

Within the Thales group, Switzerland is a competence center in various areas:  Point-to-point radio systems – broadband data transmission on microwave frequency, Fiber optic equipment for military vehicles, Power management systems for military vehicles, Live and virtual simulation for land forces as well as Optical communication systems for satellites.

Our goal at Thales in Switzerland is to make life better and safer. Our team of experts is committed to outstanding performance. No matter how challenging the project is, our approximately 800 employees remain committed to our customers until the project is completed.

years in Switzerland

Local partnerships

Thales in Switzerland strives to offer its customers the best solution. To this end, we work in interdisciplinary teams and develop customer-specific products and solutions with industrial partners and in exchange with technical colleges and universities. We are actively involved in local industry and business associations. Supporting Switzerland as a workplace and contributing to economic value creation in the country is an important concern of Thales in Switzerland. We work to a large extent with local suppliers and partners and invest in future specialists with our training program.

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Defence & Security

For decades we have been providing reliable support to the Swiss army in gaining and maintaining tactical superiority and strategic independence against any threat. Thales has successfully established itself in Switzerland with the conception, development and integration of sophisticated tactical systems in the areas of communication, command, control and reconnaissance and enjoys an excellent reputation as a reliable industrial partner.
With the lightweight MODULOS Line-of-Sight radio  and the proven Power Management Systems for tactical vehicles  we are also very successful abroad.

Training & Simulation

Simulation technology has two key benefits: it reduces training costs and allows training in dangerous environments, such as combat situations, in complete safety. Thales develops and delivers training solutions  for land, sea and air forces as well as civil and governmental helicopter operators worldwide. Switzerland is the group's center of excellence for tactical live operational training used by land forces, law enforcement and police agencies.

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Digital Security & Identity

Businesses, banks and government agencies rely on us to protect and secure identities and data. Whenever it comes to protecting personal, business or official data, we have the right solutions for secure online or mobile payments, identity and travel documents, the trusted protection of data  and much more. We offer our customers a unique range of products, software and services based on the combination of "Digital Identity" and "Data Protection" — the basis for security in a digital world.

Satellite & Space technology

Thales Alenia Space in Switzerland has over 20 years of experience in the development and construction of opto-electronic systems for space and has established itself as a leading supplier of small and powerful observation and communication systems for the European and international space industry. As a key partner of the European Space Agency ESA, we supply critical sub-assemblies for scientific instruments that help to increase our understanding of Earth, our solar system and the cosmos.

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We occupy a leading position in Switzerland thanks to our solutions for the European Train Control System (ETCS), All major railway companies in Switzerland are among our customers. With the ZBMS train control system, we are constantly expanding our range of services and adapting our proven railway safety solutions for use in the meter gauge railway sector.

Our product portfolio ranges from route and train control systems such as the European Train Control System (ETCS) and electronic interlocking systems to field devices such as axle counters, switch drives and iLED signals. Thanks to the successful realisation of a number of large-scale projects, Thales has developed a team of recognised specialists in the field of train control installations in Switzerland, and has built a competence centre for interoperability services (IOP services) for ETCS-compliant solutions.

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Thales regularly takes part in events in Switzerland and abroad to share expertise and engage in dialogue with key players in our markets. Whether your interest is defense and security, training and simulation, satellite and space engineering, cybersecurity, digital identities or data protection.

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At Thales, we create an inclusive, diverse and flexible work environment to develop your talent without limits, helping us to build tomorrow’s world.

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